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Franchise & distribution

Moye White’s Franchise and Distribution Group is organized around our clients’ business and legal needs, allowing us to tackle the wide range of issues facing the franchise and distribution industry in today’s rapidly evolving business environment. In today’s economy, the distribution and marketing of products and services raises many complex business and legal issues. As marketing approaches and distribution methods change and new legal trends emerge, it is critical that our franchise and distribution clients are well versed in the state of the law and the business approaches being applied in a wide variety of industries.

Our multi-disciplinary team approach allows us to deliver complete solutions to franchisors, licensors, manufacturers, and others who rely on franchise systems or third party relationships to distribute products and services. Our attorneys represent clients ranging from large private and public multinational companies to growing and start-up franchise and distribution systems, as well as multi-unit developers and operators, investors, private equity funds and venture capital companies contemplating franchise and distribution system investment opportunities.

Our clients’ industries include product and service retail, restaurants, food service, manufacturing, health care, computers and technology, automotive after-market, and hospitality, as well as consumer services. While many franchise issues are similar between industries, such as vicarious liability, co-branding, brand protection, encroachment and termination, we understand that each industry also has unique considerations that must be addressed.

Moye White’s trial attorneys have extensive experience representing the interests of franchise and distribution companies in all types of dispute resolution, including litigation, mediation and arbitration. The group’s transaction and trial attorneys collaborate closely and are sensitive to franchise issues that have been developed through years of practice in franchise and distribution law.

Our attorneys work with U.S.-based franchisors seeking to expand or establish overseas operations, as well as international companies seeking a strong U.S. presence. We have developed an extensive network of trusted franchise and distribution firms as local counsel in many countries. We are also the only Rocky Mountain region member of the International Alliance of Law Firms, a highly selective consortium of business law firms located around the world. We counsel clients regarding their international business interests through reciprocal relationships with dozens of member firms. Our engagements have included business transactions in the European Community, the Americas, and the Pacific Basin.