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Creditors' rights

Moye White's attorneys advise clients on a wide range of creditor issues and work to secure, protect, and enforce the interests of our commercial clients.

We focus on collection of secured and unsecured debts for banks, credit unions, savings and loans, and other lending institutions. When appropriate, we create forbearance agreements, deeds in lieu of foreclosure, modified loan structures, and reinstatements to protect our clients' best interests. We also assist in the enforcement of mechanics' liens and payment bond claims, and aggressively pursue recovery from defaulting parties in construction and development matters.

We draft, review, and amend foundational documents such as credit applications, guaranties, invoices, and sales contracts to ensure that the language and terms serve their intended purposes. When necessary, our litigators prosecute and defend debt collection and foreclosure proceedings in state, bankruptcy, and other federal courts, and in arbitration proceedings.


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