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Alternative dispute resolution

In addition to serving as advocates for Moye White’s clients, a select subgroup of our attorneys also has substantial experience serving as “neutrals” – arbitrators or mediators – for disputes involving parties who are not the firm’s clients. These lawyers combine decades of experience in specific areas of law, business, and real estate with a strong understanding of the role of the neutral in the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process. As mediators and arbitrators, their efforts frequently lead to favorable resolution of complex legal disputes, with substantial savings of time and other resources for outside attorneys and their clients who desire a more efficient resolution than they are likely to achieve through traditional court litigation processes.

Moye White’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Group distinguishes itself from traditional ADR providers in at least three ways:

  • Most of our ADR Group members continue to practice both as advocates and as neutrals. Thus, they continue to hone their skills in both arenas for the benefit of those they serve.

  • Each member of our ADR Group has a strong reputation for knowledge, skill, and experience in one or more specific area of law. Deep knowledge in a particular legal field is often a critical component of an efficient and successful ADR process.

  • While typically only one member of our ADR Group will handle a particular mediation or arbitration, the entire resources of our law firm are available as and when needed to assist our neutral in serving that function. Thus, if the parties to an ADR process desire the neutral to delve more deeply into some aspect of the issues in dispute, the full resources of our firm can be brought to bear.

The current members of Moye White’s ADR Group, with their primary areas of focus and contact information, are summarized below.

J. David Arkell (Mediator/Arbitrator):
construction claims, construction and design defects, corporate/commercial
303 292 7913

Jack Berryhill (Mediator/Arbitrator):
complex family law, corporate, land use, homeowner association
303 292 7950

Jim Burghardt (Mediator only):
corporate/commercial, bankruptcy, real estate, contracts
303 292 7910

Jerry Conover
Emeritus Member
telecommunications, natural resources, aviation, malpractice, general commercial
303 291 1700

Carrie Rodgers (Arbitrator/Mediator):
construction and design
303 292 7906

Ted White (Arbitrator only):
executive, energy, real estate, shareholders/partnership, international, commercial contracts, wills, trusts & estates, banking, financial & alternative investments
303 292 7933