Does Blue Horseshoe Still Love Anacott Steel?

Early in my legal career I was given an opportunity to teach at Denver University’s College of Law by John Carver, a long-time faculty member who was also Of Counsel to our firm. Phil Figa - later to become Judge Figa - was taking a leave of absence from teaching to chair the Colorado Bar Association’s Ethics Committee, so D.U. needed a Lecturer in Law to teach Phil’s Professional Responsibility class. John knew I had a teaching bug so, either to help me scratch that itch or cure me of it, he recommended me for the job.

I’m not sure there was much competition. It was the night division of the law school and if it paid anything it was an honorarium so small I can’t recall what it was. But I loved it. Here was a group of students, most of whom were holding down day jobs, who so badly wanted to become lawyers that they were willing to pull double or triple shifts to achieve their goal. I was determined to give them their money’s worth and engage and challenge them.

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