Prospective Clients

Even without 2013’s thrilling prospect of an ice-cold plunge over a Fiscal Cliff, New Years is a cause for celebration. On the December side it is a time for reflection and a chorus of Auld Lang Syne with friends over a bowl of SmokingBishop. On the January side of midnight lies a clean slate, a clear calendar unburdened with the disappointments of the old year. Ahead nothing but hope, bright prospects for the New Year, and one final day of feasting and football.

Prospects! Prospects are the lifeblood of all businesses, including every law practice, for as my former partner, Ed O’Keefe, taught me years ago, no client is forever. Holding the promise of new retainers, and in our mid-winter dreams perhaps even gratitude for their hard-working counsel, the prospect of a new client is also something to be celebrated. As detailed below, however, it is likewise something to be wary of, and thus a fitting subject for my first blog of 2013, the first of a promised series: The 5 Most Dangerous Rules of Professional Conduct.

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