Do You Promise Not to Tell? – Nondisclosure Agreements for Lawyers

Lately I have noticed more instances of clients asking lawyers to sign nondisclosure agreements (“NDAs”) like this:

Confidential Information

Law Firm shall treat as confidential and not reveal to any third party (including any current or future client) any Confidential Information of Paranoid Partners LLC (“Paranoid”), its affiliated investment advisers or broker-dealers, or any of its current or future subsidiaries, sponsored funds, or other investment products. “Confidential Information” means any and all confidential and proprietary information of Paranoid’s current or proposed business, past, present, or future products or services, marketing plans, business plans, regulatory or other strategies, or any other information that Paranoid identifies as confidential or which by its nature would reasonably be deemed to be confidential, including all communications or documents subject to attorney-client privilege. This confidentiality provision shall not limit or diminish, in any way, any duties owed by Law Firm to Paranoid under any applicable model rules of professional conduct. This confidentiality provision shall survive in perpetuity. Bwahaha!

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