National Webcast: Legal Ethics: The Latest Malpractice Risks and Prevention

Happy Memorial Day, everyone. Please forgive my inattention to the blog lately. I've been busy writing materials for a national webcast to be recorded at NBI's headquarters in Altoona, Wisconsin in June. My ethics presentations have been recorded live many times, but never for a national ethics webcast. Exciting yes, but it has sucked virtually all writing time out of my weekends for the last two months. If you can't tune into the webcast on Friday 28 June, if you need ethics CLE credit it is still available (for a fee) as on-demand video from NBI.

Although I am finally done writing for NBI, I just promised the Denver Business Journal an article in June, tentatively titled How to Fire a Client. So it's going to be a while yet before I get back to the blog.

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When (and how) to Fire a Client