10 Things Every Subcontractor Needs to Know about Mechanic Liens

  1. You can only lien private property
  2. Use all or some of the available remedies:
    lawsuits, disburser notices, bond claims & mechanic liens
  3. Certify mail your notice of intent to lien not less than ten days (we suggest 11 days or more) before the four month deadline from your last date of work or supply
    A Notice of Intent to File a Lien Statement must be served upon the owner or reputed owner of the property or his agent and the principal or prime contractor or its agent at least 10 days before the time of filing the Lien Statement with the County Clerk and Recorder. § 38-22-109(3), C.R.S.
  4. Record your lien in the county where the property being liened is located
  5. Record your lien within four months of your last date of substantial work or supply, don’t rely on punch list
  6. The lien must accurately identify the property
  7. The lien must identify the owner(s)
  8. An excessive lien amount may result in an unenforcable lien
  9. File suit to foreclosure your lien within six months of project completion or the date the last labor or material was furnished
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