Panel Hosted by Moye White LLP and Payroll Vault Discusses Establishing and Enforcing Brand Standards

On Tuesday, October 18th, the Moye White Franchise and Distribution Group hosted the Denver Franchise Business Network fall meeting. Attendees enjoyed networking with fellow franchise professionals, plus a presentation by a panel of experts. The panel featured Sean Manning, President of Payroll Vault, Malvina Messler, Executive Vice President of Payroll Vault, and Billy Jones, Partner at Moye White. Sean Manning talked about defining the key components of franchisee success and establishing a culture designed to replicate that success as an emerging franchisor. Billy Jones discussed the importance of choosing the right franchisees from the beginning and how this can be key to maintaining the right company culture. Malvina Messler gave examples of how Payroll Vault keeps the lines of communication open with its franchisees and gave examples of various communication methods including an intranet exchange for franchise owners. She also discussed engaging franchisees in enforcing system culture. Billy Jones highlighted the importance of uniform enforcement of brand standards, choosing the right enforcement tactics and creating exit ramps for franchisees who are not a good fit and wish to leave the system. There were questions from the audience followed by more networking and refreshments. Another successful FBN meeting was enjoyed by all.

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