The Pint: From Finance to Whiskey - The Evolution of Laws Whiskey House

In the fifth episode of The Pint, Moye White attorney Billy Jones ditches the lawyers and gets a real guest: Peyton Mason, the CFO of Laws Whiskey.  Enjoy this socially distanced podcast discussing one of Colorado’s most renowned and innovative whiskey distiller, Laws Whiskey House. 

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Episode 5 Synopsis

When you think of whiskey, you may not think of Colorado. But you should.

Kentucky and Tennessee have led the nation in producing whiskey for over 150 years with distillers steeped in tradition products and traditional methods.  

When founding Laws Whiskey House in 2011, Al Laws didn’t want to reinvent the wheel: he wanted to build upon it with Colorado flair.  From its inception, Laws Whiskey House has committed to sourcing grain from family-owned farms in Burlington and Alamosa to capture the taste of Colorado in his products. 

Nine years later, Laws is an award-winning distillery known for its craftsmanship and bold flavors. Laws is pushing boundaries. They were the first distillery to produce a bonded bourbon in Colorado. Now they offer six variations of their bonded products. And they continue to innovate, even in the midst of a global pandemic.

Laws hasn’t been immune to the effects of COVID-19. In January, Laws closed their tasting room to embark on the first of a two-part expansion project. Like everyone, when March rolled around, Laws expected COVID-19 to blow past in a few months. But, as restaurants and bars shuttered, Laws felt the hit. As various regions were experiencing spikes in COVID-19 cases at different times, Laws had to adjust distribution channels and access various state governmental requirements. Despite these challenges, Peyton Mason, Laws’ CFO, has been encouraged by off-premise sales. Consumers are trending toward making cocktails at home, experimenting with new recipes, and learning how to entertain themselves. 

Laws and other craft distillers have had to rethink their promotional strategies. Most consumers get to know a new product out at a bar or restaurant or by trying it at a tasting in their local liquor store. Because of COVID-19, there’s been a huge disconnect between the distiller and the consumer. Smaller brands are struggling to make connections, and consumers are trending toward comfort brands. Laws has increased its presence on social media – using platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to maintain brand recognition. 

Embracing the culture of entertaining at home, Laws is rethinking how to market while supporting its community and dedicated partners. They’ve hired out-of-work bartenders to create a new cocktail line featuring Laws products. Laws uses these new cocktail recipes as marketing on social media. This is just one of the many ways that Laws is supporting its community.

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