Bar Review! Pikes Peak Brewing Company in Monument

It was a dark and stormy night. Well, it wasn’t exactly stormy, but it was definitely dark. And cold.

And what better time than a dark and cold night to swing by Pikes Peak Brewing Company in Monument, Colorado. Located a short hop off to the east of I- 25 in Monument, Pikes Peak is tucked away in a small shopping center. Being there on a Friday night, the tap room was warm, inviting and filled to the brim. With a relaxed atmosphere and a lively energy, it was a great place to squeeze in and sample some craft beers.

As is our unofficial rule here at Bar Review, we tried two. First up was the headliner: the Devils Head Red Ale, the top listing on the menu. After a short chat with the bartender, we learned that this Red Ale was the original beer brewed at Pikes Peak, as well as one of its bestsellers.

Devils Head Red Ale is one of the finest red ales this reviewer has ever had. It is complex with several layers of flavor. The color was fantastic, and the malt taste with hints of citrus and berry were delicious. Although red ales often tend towards the bland, the Devils Head Red Ale at Pikes Peak is truly spectacular.

Next up was an IPA, specifically the Elephant Rock IPA. When the bartender said this was hoppy, she wasn’t kidding. The Elephant IPA was good and hoppy. Really. If you’re a fan of hop-forward taste in an IPA, this one is the IPA for you. It’s got a combination of citrus and piney hops which give it a big, bold flavor.

Next time you’re in Monument, swing by Pike’s Peak. I suspect that if you have the Devils Head Red Ale, you might stick around for two.

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