Our new recurring feature… Introducing “Bar Review”!

As part of our ongoing efforts here at the Moye White to fully experience the brewing and distilling industry in Colorado, we’ll be rolling out a new feature: Bar Review!

Whenever one of our intrepid cast of characters has the opportunity, we will visit any one of the numerous and wonderful craft breweries in Denver and throughout Colorado. After enjoying a few cold beverages, we will post a short review of the beer and the brewery. We hope this will help to highlight (in a small way) some of the great breweries, great entrepreneurs and great beers in this growing industry.

Look for Bar Review on a semi-regular basis. We’ll try to swing by as many taprooms as possible, even though it’s really tough work. And since we’re likely to be driving home, we’ll abide by the informal and unofficial “two beer” rule here at Bar Review. Of course, only two increases the chances that we’ll have to come by a brewery again to taste a few more…

We look forward to the chance to sample your beer at your location and write a review in the near future.

Moye White Brewing & Distilling Group