NBI: Legal Ethics of Handling Digital Documents

Guard Your Clients' Information and Comply with the Ethics Requirements

Protecting your digital documents for attorneys is now not only part of best practices but a legal ethics requirement. This practical compliance guide will give you a set of tools to determine what must be done to prevent breaches when storing, editing, and sharing digital documents. Learn when and how to destroy digital documents and get guidance for handling data in the context of discovery and litigation. Protect your professional reputation - register today!

  • Get a review of the attorney rules governing digital documents and their recent application and interpretation.
  • Identify key risk factors in assessing potentially risky data breach situation.
  • Explore the key tenets of data protection and how they apply to attorneys' unique challenges.
  • Learn how to protect confidentiality in your daily practice.
  • Determine when and how to destroy sensitive documents.

Course Content

  1. Digital Document Rules Attorneys Must Know
  2. Protecting Confidentiality
  3. Legal Ethics and Data Security in Its Storage and Daily Use
  4. Legal Ethics of Handling Digital Documents in Litigation/Discovery Context
  5. Ethics of Digital Document Destruction

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12:00PM - 3:15PM
October 24, 2018