Climate Change Regulation and its Impact on the Construction Industry

Last session, the Colorado Legislature passed House Bill 19-1261, the Colorado Climate Action Plan, along with other bills that aim to quantify and reduce carbon emissions, particularly greenhouse gasses, over the next few decades. These bills call on state agencies to pass rules and regulations that could significantly impact the construction and real estate industries, among others. 

Panelist David Arkell is part of a select group of people helping to guide and inform the agencies as they draft these regulations. Other panelists from Moye White's Construction and Advanced Energy Groups are assisting him to help ensure these regulations are technologically feasible as well as economically practical and will allow industries to play an active role in achieving the statutory objectives.
Join us for a discussion and evaluation of what the regulations might look like and what this could mean for your business.




7:30AM - 8:30AM
December 19, 2019