Denver Startup Week - Alice & the Silicon Valley Rabbit Hole: Colorado vs. the Coast

Join Rose Standifer and Jessica Hunter for their first of two presentations at Denver Startup Week.

Historically, venture finance has been rooted in the coasts, and Colorado was a fly-over state. Present day, Colorado’s economy is booming, posting double-digit growth, a young and educated workforce is flocking to the Front Range in droves, and major companies are moving their headquarters to Colorado. What does this mean for venture capital in Colorado? Should the ecosystem continue to look at the coasts for money, or do we look in the mirror and increase access to capital in Colorado? And if larger funds locate in Colorado, what does the future hold? How do we change? We invite investors, policymakers, founders, and funders to join us for a deep dive into Colorado’s VC journey. 


12:00PM - 1:30PM
September 17, 2019