How a Project Document Becomes "Exhibit A": What Your Project Managers Need to Know About Evidence and the Legal Process

Join Dan Wennogle and members of the Moye White Construction Group for a breakfast seminar on worksite documentation and communication. We'll share real life examples of how careful wording, reading and use of contracts, job site documents, and project communications led to the success or failure of a legal claim or defense, or had unintended consequences.
You'll leave with:

  • Best practices for documenting delay claims;
  • Examples of how daily reports and time tickets become critical evidence in a legal case; 
  • Examples of how "internal" documents can get into others' hands even if your company is not involved in a legal claim;
  • Notice provisions in contracts and why you should always know what they say; and
  • A basic outline of the legal process involving a construction dispute, and the importance of documentary evidence.

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7:30AM - 8:30AM
September 26, 2019