Optimizing Building Performance: Efficient, Grid-Interactive Buildings are the Future

The world is becoming more connected than ever. In our efforts to connect, many are looking at how we can use new technologies to build better, more efficient homes and buildings. 

The purpose of building optimization is to reduce energy and maintenance costs, ensure occupant health and well-being, and maintain the quality of indoor air while reducing and maintain the quality of indoor air while reducing carbon emissions from our buildings. Two critical elements of building optimization are efficiency and interactivity with the electric grid. 

During our presentation, our panelists will discuss why we need to optimize and how we can do it, how we measure building performance to create a cost-benefit analysis, and how we use these tools to evaluate building efficiency.


  • Keely Downs
    Partner, Moye White


  • Cara Carmichael
    Buildings Principal, Rocky Mountain Institute
  • Rodd Merchant
    Chief Strategy and Client Experience Officer, JE Dunn Construction
  • Bruce Ray
    Director of Governmental and Regulatory Affairs & Associate General Counsel, Johns Manville

Zoom Webinar


2:00PM - 3:00PM
August 26, 2020