Remaking the Warehouse: Carbon Reduction and the Future of Logistics Centers, Warehousing, and Fulfillment

Buildings are a huge contributor to climate change in our country. Discussions around change often focus on residential homes, office, and retail spaces. However, America’s industrial building portfolio must take part in the net zero energy transformation. There is a significant opportunity to reimagine our logistics centers, warehouses, and fulfillment centers to be more sophisticated and reach zero carbon.

In our first session, Preparing for a Carbon Neutral Future, panelists laid the groundwork for why we need to decarbonize buildings and how it can be accomplished. In session two, we want to challenge your thinking and identify how to reinvent the concept of the warehouse. In this session, panelists will discuss:

  • Why existing warehouse and logistics centers are inadequate for the future, including discussions around transportation, labor, and jurisdictional issues;
  • Identifying existing pressures on the model;
  • The potential impacts and opportunities that can be achieved by redesigning the concept of the warehouse; and
  • Defining an ideal scenario for our reimagined warehouse.


  • Paul Highley, Electrical Engineering Manager at McKinstry
  • Mike Roeth, Operations Leader, Carbon-Free Mobility at RMI
  • Sarah Spencer-Workman, Senior Manager Technical Services at McKinstry
  • Daniel Theobald, CEO at Vecna Robotics


  • Bobby Dishell, Attorney at Moye White

Zoom Webinar


10:00AM - 11:00AM
June 23, 2021