Graff Moderates Panel at NoCo Hemp Expo

Moye White cannabis attorney Garrett Graff will be moderating a panel, “CBD, The FDA, and an Act of Congress… Oh My,” at the 9th Annual NoCo Hemp Expo.

The panel will discuss the history and current posture of the FDA and Congress towards the regulation of CBD and other hemp-derived products. Now that FDA is signaling that it will not unilaterally regulate CBD, the panel will discuss what the industry can expect in terms of forthcoming legislation and regulation. Moreover, given the complications of holistic cannabis policy reform and the rise in novel cannabinoids such as CBN and delta-8 THC, the panel will explore the intricacies of how some states have sought to regulate these compounds and what model federal regulation could look like. 

“While there remains much hope and desire for a quick, short-term resolution to FDA regulation,” says Graff, “it seems likely that regulation of hemp-derived products will remain in the status quo, largely in the hands of state regulators in the foreseeable future, as Congress considers the 2023 Farm Bill and holistic cannabis policy reform.”

Graff is set to participate in the conversation with Joy Beckerman of Hemp Ace International, Jonathan Miller of US Hemp Roundtable, and Daniel Fabricant of Natural Products Association. 

Graff is a business attorney who represents clients throughout the cannabis industry on successfully obtaining licenses in numerous states in both competitive and noncompetitive licensure processes. He also represents hemp companies across the country and world on matters including import/export, cultivation, and manufacturing. He can be reached via email garrett.graff@moyewhite.com and by phone 303-292-7901.


The Broadmoor Hotel
1 Lake Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80906


1:50PM - 2:40PM
March 29, 2023