Love Found Later in Life

ALAS! You have found the love of your life, soul mate, the person with whom you want to spend the end of your days. You are mature, experienced in life, worldly. Maybe you are divorced or widowed or just never married. Maybe you have children or nieces or nephews or other loved ones that you care for. Now what? Before you dive head first into comingling your lives and even marriage, stop for a moment. Consider how love found later in life affects you and your goals.

Remember that love and relationships have stages. After the hearts and flowers stage, there is the day-to-day stage when you wished each other would pick up dirty socks or put away the hairdryer. These annoyances are minor compared to how a couple brings together finances, home ownership, shared expenses, debt and planning for incapacity and death. Remember, you are mature. These conversations should be a piece of cake, but they are not. Both of you of must commit to discovering your own goals and those of your newfound love.

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Moye White