Our Offices

Moye White has three offices in two states, allowing us to provide the best possible attorney-client relationship, no matter the location or time zone. ​

Moye White’s Denver office is located on historic Market Street at the western edge of the Sixteenth Street Mall, in the heart of Denver’s LoDo District.​ We have created an architectural environment that reflects the progressive style our attorneys bring to the practice of law within our workspace. Our office features roomy, comfortable client meeting and conference areas, reference libraries, a records center, project rooms, and communications technologies that direct information between clients, courts, and the Moye White legal staff.

Moye White’s Atlanta office is located in Midtown Plaza. When you visit, you’ll find an open, colorful, economical, and vibrant space. Our physical space is a daily reminder of our commitment to our clients, our team, and our core values. Our firm’s curated art collection lines our halls, decorates our offices, and serves as a focal point to inspire our work. This art reflects our core values of openness, acceptance, and a welcoming spirit, reminding us of these values on a daily basis.

Moye White’s second Colorado office is located in the historic town of Basalt, Colorado. This space is dedicated to serving our clients located on the Western Slope. The space in downtown Basalt offers a casual yet private venue to discuss business, litigation, and estate planning matters. Our attorneys often travel to our Basalt office when clients prefer face-to-face meetings.