Zwei Means 2 in Fort Collins!

On the south side of Fort Collins near the intersection of S. College and Harmony, there sits a brewery that serves up some of the best German-style beer in Colorado: Zwei Brewing Company. For those of you still brushing up on your German language skill, “Zwei” means two. From conversations with the bartenders and several patrons, in this case, the “Zwei” refers to two brothers who got together to found and run Zwei Brewing.

The taproom was warm, inviting and filled with people. Zwei was a bustling place on a chilly Friday night, and after tasting the wares, this reviewer understands why.

Zwei sports a long menu with an impressive number of choices. Although the sheer volume of choices may overwhelm the newcomer, the bartenders are extremely helpful in directing customers to one variety or another that will meet their tastes.

This reviewer, arising from a long line of German ancestry, needed no such explanation. First off came the Dunkel, a fantastic Munich-style beer that combines crisp German flavor with malty tones. The Zwei Dunkel was fantastic. It had a wonderful amber color and tone, and it has the perfect balance of malt taste with a crisp finish. Like most great beer, the Dunkel goes down very, very nicely.

Following Bar Review’s unofficial “two beer” rule, particularly apt at Zwei Brewing, next up was the classic of German brews: the Pilsner. For beers in the German style, the Pilsner is the headliner and the make-or-break product. For lovers of German beer, Zwei’s Pilsner definitely makes the cut. It is a full body and tasty Pilsner with a clean finish. It looks great in the glass and tastes great on your palate. A truly spectacular and memorable beer. The Pilsner was so good that this reviewer may (or may not) have violated the informal “two beer” rule by having another. Opinions and observations on the point may vary.

When touring craft brewery locations in and around Ft. Collins, there are lots of choices, but if you enjoy a great German beer, Zwei Brewing should definitely be on your list.