The Pint: Accidentally on Purpose

Why would a law firm want to work with craft brewers? In the inaugural episode of The Pint Partners Billy Jones and Dominick Sekich delve into the natural evolution of Moye White’s Brewing and Distilling Group.

The Pint is a freewheeling discussion of craft beer, craft spirits, and the law. Listen to The Pint on Spotify, iTunes, or anywhere podcasts are available.

Episode 1 Synopsis

Several years ago, members of the Moye White real estate practice group realized that we were doing a fair number of real estate deals for breweries and distilleries.

So, we decided to organize a group that could address the specific issues brewers and distillers face in a more focused and effective way. After canvasing the firm, it turned out we had done more than just real estate work for clients in the alcohol beverage space. We’d already been advising on intellectual property rights, counseling owners on contracts, and more.

After pulling everyone together into one room, we creatively labeled ourselves the Brewing and Distilling Group. The dedicated group allowed us to pool together our collective talents and advise our clients on a broader spectrum.

Several years and a few beers later, we are lucky enough to work with some of the most creative breweries and distilleries in Colorado.

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What We are Drinking: Pineapple Whiskey Sour